Petals On the Wind

Sun sparkled on the water as I surveyed king tide waves at Bodega Head on my fiftieth birthday. I asked Higher Power what I should focus on this mile-marker of a year. A delightful series of images and ideas rolled in with the waves. 

Observe, write, create. Send it out like petals on the wind.

So at 6:30 AM, in that spirit, here is a poem I wrote during the winter break. 


Love Notes


Why do words matter?


When I started all this teaching, writing, singing,

I braced, crouched to pounce 

in response.

I could put on a show with my 

youth, volume, sometimes

desperate need.


Deep down, I was disturbed

at the violence

of the question.


Why should anyone stop-

listen to morning rain,

notice the black bird

at the coast with white-tipped neck

feathers and iridescent



If you don't know why,

I cannot help you

but will pray that 

both of us

do not accidentally

throw out the love note

God left in our 

lunchbox with the




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