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Yellow Ball of Light 

There is no situation too difficult to be bettered and no unhappiness too great to be lessened. This mic drop of a sentence forms a part of the closing reading in Al Anon. I'm sure I repeated it a hundred…

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Tea Time With Fear


What does fear feel like to you? 


During a conversation with my Al-Anon sponsor about leaving my life-long public teaching profession, she delicately but directly suggested that what I was really talking about was fear. I had called to sort…

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Scarlet Silence

I woke up in the early morning dark in a funky old $600 a month apartment above the old El Rey theater downtown. Aware of it being at least $200 more than I could afford, I couldn't resist the second…

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Jazz and Jackhammers

There's going to be construction every day this whole summer vacation right outside my front door. The city is tearing up the street to replace water pipes; a necessity for long term viability. This was not good news for my…

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Hail Mary

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mary for several months now and woke up compelled to write about her this Mother’s Day morning. Not growing up Catholic, my relationship with her is distant and my impressions vague. Even so, she…

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Petals On the Wind

Sun sparkled on the water as I surveyed king tide waves at Bodega Head on my fiftieth birthday. I asked Higher Power what I should focus on this mile-marker of a year. A delightful series of images and ideas rolled…

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