1. Gathering

From the recordings Gathering and Little Words

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Drink the sun and feel the waves
Here is where we come to make your grave
Toss a rose into the wind
Tide will bring it out and in
We are gathered here today
To see you off in our strange way
Hand in hand a silent prayer
Send a message if we dare
Petals float on
Peaks and foam
Ever searching, searching for a home
Petals red and petals pink
Carry thoughts beyond the brink
Seems unfair to love it so
Golden bridge and the fortress old
Here is where we stood before
Together we beheld, beheld this very shore
First a visit, then to stay
Roots went deep beneath, deep beneath the bay
Rising up around you now
Those you loved like blooming flowers
Petals float on
Peaks and foam
Ever searching but they’re never, never home
Petals pink and petals red
Join the living with the dead
Drink the sun, feel the waves
In our city by the bay