Poem in Your Pocket

April 30th marks the end of National Poetry Month and the culminating game of "Poem in Your Pocket". Here's what the Academy of American Poets(poetry.org) website suggests:

  • Select a poem and share it on social media using the hashtag #pocketpoem. 
  • Simultaneously participate in the Shelter in Poems initiative, and select a poem that brings you solace during this time of distance and solitude. Share what it means to you and use the hashtags #pocketpoem and #ShelterInPoems. 
  • Print a poem from the Poem in Your Pocket Day PDF and draw an image from the poem in the white space, or use the instructions on pages 59-60 of the PDF to make an origami swan. 
  • Record a video of yourself reading a poem, then share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or another social media platform you use. 
  • Email a poem to your friends, family, neighbors, or local government leaders. 
  • Schedule a video chat and read a poem to your loved ones. 
  • Add a poem to your email footer. 
  • Read a poem out loud from your porch, window, backyard or outdoor space.

Personally, it signifies the second round of me trying poetry month experiments with my Spanish classes at Windsor High. Of course, this year was the height of strangeness as I attempted to rally the students with an assignment that asked them to post a poem on Instagram. While almost all students participated in the world of Google Classroom, only some posted their poem and imagery online to my @proyectopoemasespejos Instagram page. Many have private profiles, so even if they used the hashtag as directed, it wouldn't appear on the page. PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION, folks. I wish I had the time to personally post everything they submitted, but between teaching my full-time load and guiding my daughter's schooling, it just wasn't possible. However, the goal to get students interacting with poetry in Spanish: WIN/WIN!

It's also the perfect day to share a few of my poems here as well as on my new poetry Instagram page @extracurricularverse. Here's my Haiku poem that appears in the profile:

Extracurricular Verse

The classroom closed, and 

the songs refused to sing. Then, 

a poem appears


My first poem post will be one that's been on my mind recently due to the excessive focus on housekeeping during this Shelter in Place experience and a good reminder from nature. Hope you enjoy it. 


Mother Nature is a Shitty Housekeeper 


Who throws everything on the ground 

to rot, swept only by 

the wind? 


Larvae and worms creeping, 

lifting blind extremities 

toward raindrops 

right where everyone walks! 


When it’s cold, lets frost strike citrus, 

or the summer sun brittle and fade 

all that is carelessly 



“Live and let live,” 

she states serenely, 

though I would rather die 

in antiseptic order. 


But every verse and song 

from the beginning 

can’t stop praising 

her amazing skills: 


“How beautiful!”, we burst forth

while balding treetops 

shed rusty reds and orange; 

piled, scattered without 


pattern, and rain 

puddles, pours caldrons

of muddy slop sloshing 

everywhere, and snow 



the chilling disaster; 

distracts all

in muffled meditation. 


“So serene!”, we breathe when

slender foxes

ache in hunger 

inside dreamy dens. 


“Fend for yourselves, loves!”

she chirrups. 

No one gets fed for months!



she remains 

a hero. 

A champion crowned

in springtime blossoms, 


self-sustaining bulbs, nonetheless- 

daffodils and tulips, 

lilies, hyacinth 

seep homages of sweetness! 


How does the bitch do it?



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