When asked about common themes in my songs and poetry, spirituality bubbles to the surface. We are all products of nature and nurture, and for me the latter includes the family disease of alcoholism. 

The links below are humbly offered as a way of sharing the help and hope I have received over fourteen years of meetings, sponsors, literature, and podcasts. With these tools, I continue to reconnect with the basic goodness and unique gifts inside myself and my family, as well as recover a spiritual way of life that cultivates joy and trust in the face of difficulty. 

My intention is to share experience, strength, and hope through my songs and poetry beyond the walls of an Al-Anon meeting. Take what you like, and leave the rest.

AL-ANON Find literature, meetings, and general information about the program whose one purpose is to help families and friends of alcoholics to recover from the effects of living with alcoholism. 



The Recovery Show  Listen to podcasts with interviews that can serve as a virtual meeting. 

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Flatbed Music Festival COUCH CONCERT


The Flatbed Music Festival has been postponed until September 11-13 due to the pandemic, of course. In the meantime, live stream "couch concerts" are offered Fridays at 7pm. Dave and I will be featured on April 17th!


KJB & the Acoustic Brethren

Gypsy Cafe, 162 N Main St, Sebastopol, CA

Dave and I are back for a set, and will be joined by some of his music students with an incredible band, The Sanctions.   



KJB & Dave at the Gypsy Cafe

Gypsy Cafe, 162 N Main St, Sebastopol, CA

I think Dave will bring the lovely electric again...


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