Petals On the Wind

Sun sparkled on the water as I surveyed king tide waves at Bodega Head on my fiftieth birthday. I asked Higher Power what I should focus on this mile-marker of a year. A delightful series of images and ideas rolled in with the waves. 

Observe, write, create. Send it out like petals on the wind.

So at 6:30 AM, in that spirit, here is a poem I wrote during the winter break. 


Love Notes


Why should we listen to your songs, read your poems?

Why should we look up from our phones, our distracted games alone, or with each other?


When I started all this teaching, writing, singing,

I braced, crouched to pounce 

in response.

I could put on a show with my 

youth, volume, sometimes

desperate need.


Deep down, I was disturbed

at the violence

of the question.


Why should anyone stop-

listen to morning rain,

notice the black bird

at the coast with white-tipped neck

feathers and iridescent



If you don't know why,

I cannot help you

but will pray that 

both of us

do not accidentally

throw out the love note

God left in our 

lunchbox with the




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