Toto? We're not in Kansas anymore. You really have come to the correct site if you're concerned. I decided to do a little spring cleaning, revamp the website, UPdate. Nothing like getting over a serious illness(I don't remember a lot of March due to viral meningitis) to inspire change. Over the next few weeks you'll see some information on the bio about my new project, Karen Joy Brown and the Bona Fides. I'm finally enjoying the chance to work with some excellent musicians on a regular basis, and I'm slowly incorporating some band gigs into my regular solo routine. You're invited to stop by and hear the difference upright bass and some well placed lead guitar makes with my simple songs. It really does make them sparkle like the perfect setting for a gem. Heaven knows that some gaudy gold would make a tiny diamond look ridiculous, but an antique band would bring out its quaint beauty. That's just what this trio does with my music, so I'd be delighted to have you visit the big debut on April 25th at Cafe Coda.


Amira August 21, 2013 @02:36 am
These look great.This is well worth the price, this game is awesome.Tons of fun, and now the game will be even btteer.Believe me, this is coming from a cheap guy who is horrible at this game. LOL!Most people spend $15 on frigging Burger King, and the only thing you get out of that is a stomach ache and some quality time on the bowl. Spend the $$$ and I have no doubt that nobody will have regrets. I for one can not wait to get killed over and over and over again on all of these maps. Finally, If i can spend $15 on anything in my life that i enjoy doing, that will make it btteer, then i would sign up for it in a second.