Willow Glen Gone Wild

As I approached dowtown Willow Glen for the show last night I knew something was up. Scores of people were walking the streets(this is the bay area- people don't walk), and the streets were closed off. Well, how does one haul 50 pound speakers from an illegal parking spot for a block? One just does. After about 45 minutes of weight lifting and deciding to park in front of some dumpsters the show began. Right outside the window was a platform with an eight piece band playing and people dancing in the streets. Soooooo, I just turned up the speakers and avoided the heart-touching slow songs and let 'em have it. More people got a chance to hear my music than a normal night, and people respected me for "the show must go on" mentality. To top of the disaster to delight scenario, my high school pal who taught me guitar, Rich Ajlouny comes in with his old band mate and music collaborator Mr. David! I even got them to get up and do some songs for the appreciative female audience that suddenly developed when they took the stage. Check these guys and their extremely creative and joyful approach to their many musical projects: www.myspace.com/richajilouny, and www.myspace.com/mrdavidmusicworks


Sahid August 20, 2013 @08:12 pm
You're the graetest! JMHO