What's Wrong With Loneliness?

"Anything you do deeply is very lonely," muses Natalie Goldberg in, Wild Mind. The deeper I go into music, the more I understand the intensely personal nature of writing, and even performing. Bringing something of quality to the stage requires hours, months, and sometimes years of soul mining.

The paradox of my pending new album pairs the wilderness of self knowledge with the joy of collaboration and mutual comprehension. Songs brought to the surface after dark and breathless pearl diving have taken on dimension from the expertise of the Bona Fides bass and guitar work.

The next step invites further friendship by asking KJB fans, old and new, to contribute to bank of faith by pre-purchasing "Little Words". Many singer/songwriters engage their listeners in their recording ventures, and I see the value.

Alone, I can't front the money it takes to record and print the album, but pooling resources makes it possible, and a little less lonely to boot.

I'll keep you posted on the technicalities, but in the meantime, think about what friends you can invite into this process who would appreciate the music, and can stand a little anticipation.

I'm looking forward to witnessing the response of so many of you who have always encouraged me along the way. The experience will be richer for having accomplished it together.


Jesse August 20, 2013 @05:14 pm
Thank you Bethany! It was so great spending that time with you guys and I'm so glad you peotsd the pics of Rome and Gia together! We love you too and are so awed by this calling of yours.