We're Going to Ashland

Sing the title of this blog entry to "Jackson" and you'll get the feel of the tour this last weekend. I was pleasantly immersed in the old school country/americana feel of the various band/solo/duo configurations of Ashland's own One Horse Shy. They played songs full of wisdom and wit set to beautiful finger/flat picking and toe-tapping rhythms that could make you get up and dance, laugh, and cry at the same time. As if such a delightful discovery wasn't enough, Garth Michael McDermott and the Fingerprints rolled into town to fill the Jefferson State Pub stage with some incredibly well crafted acoustic pop/rock played with passion and precision. I felt like I was in an exalted school of rock classroom, and I was hoping to get some serious detention. Sunday night didn't let up when I finally got to hear the solo work of One Horse Shy's bassist, Mysha Caruso. This seemingly soft-spoken guy enchanted the audience with his poetic lyrics punctuated with Dylanesque harmonica and guitar. I feel quite tired and quite enriched after an incredible weekend of inspirational music and conversation, and can't wait for our next shows together. Especially when I get to introduce Chico to these people at our October Cafe Coda show!


Margarita August 20, 2013 @12:45 pm
Thanks for the great show today Karen about stress buserts. That amazed me that 90% of doctors visits are because of stress! I really liked your tips I know when I feel stressed I have done some of the meditation techniques that you mentioned and they really do work! Looking forward to your next show.