Village People

You know that it takes a village to raise a child, but did you know an album needs that too? The idea behind the Clinton quote is that children benefit from a variety of input rather than the American lone-ranger-outpost approach to parenting.

My second album is a little bigger than the first in that it involves the band, and just like a growing child, it needs a lot more to eat. If you've come to a show, were there at the beginning Bean Scene days, played Fabulous Junkyard on repeat, or any such fan-like behavior, now's your chance to help KJB to the next level.

According to current calculations, we're looking at $3000 of recording and printing costs. Alone, I can't front that kind of cash to get the project started, but together, it's attainable.

The home page of this site has three options:

1. Donate: If you want to encourage the band to spend their weekends on this album endeavor "no strings attached", then donating is for you. I APPRECIATE THIS.

2. Pre-purchase: If you've been waiting two years for this next #$%^&* album, you probably want to buy it now. "A little guilt goes a long way" according to my old pastor, and I agree 100%. When I see those dollars piling up, you'd better believe I'll find a way to make this happen to assuage my pangs of post-protestant obligation.

3. Both:This no problem. We like.

Momentum is a powerful invisible force. Let's get it going village-style.


Nikio August 20, 2013 @04:27 pm
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