Those Who Wait

I'm shocked at the criminal neglect of this journal, but aware of the reasons. It's taken alot to get settled and employed, but upon arriving to the anniversary of my departure to Spain last year, I think I've made some progress.

1. Karen Joy Brown and the Bona Fides: We've now played several gigs and a radio spot under the alias, and have developed a decent set. It's been a long time goal of mine to recruit wonderful musicians/people for a project and it's starting to gather momentum.

2. Adult ESL: I was sad to leave Spain with its abundant opportunity for language development. I only hoped I could find some local employment that would provide income and a link to further Spanish learning. Thankfully, that is the case, and although I have a serious commute, I get to work with remarkably motivated adult students that have taught me so much already. We can't help but throw in a gossip session in Spanish at some point each class, so it's really a two way street of language learning.

3. Gospel Choir: I started attending what I affectionately refer to as "vocal boot camp" last fall in the form of a small acapella choir for the local AME church. I couldn't pay enough for the training I'm receiving, and I love the ladies I get to spend two hours with every Monday night.

4. Daily Writing/Music practice:After years of trying to develop a practice of writing and music, I think I've stumbled upon a rhythm that works. I worked through "The Artist's Way" book at the beginning of the year, and it helped free me up to discover a way of tapping into the creatve flow and put the "play" back into playing music.

I hope to add a new recording to this list, but at the risk of sending fans into despair, I am letting that process develop at it's own speed. Every time I get together with the Bona Fides and practice or perform is a step closer to the new album. I think we have a special thing going, and I want the recording to capture the joy and just good old fun we feel when we play together. So hang in there, and test the saying "good things come to those who wait."


Vee August 21, 2013 @01:32 am
Thanks Elia, started with lonesss in Gazpacho yesterday and was surprised at how tasty it was, never fancied cold soup myself but it is fast, easy and good for you, could be the only thing I serve when I get back. Have my eye on some cooking lonesss in San Sebastian later in the trip when I understand more of what they are saying.