The Purity of the Road

I’ve been getting to know the “purity of the road” that Jack Kerouac wrote about. The bay area tour at the end of June, and now I’ve just returned from Mammoth Lakes where I did a Spanish Language institute for a week. There’s something soothing about leaving everything behind and following a yellow line to wherever it may take you. It’s taken me to some beautiful places and introduced me to some fine people. I got to be a student again and sit in the back row with some like minded ladies and ponder deep grammatical questions like, “Is it functioning as a past participle and an adjective?” I forgot that I was such a complete grammar geek and could happily talk about that for at least four hours a day. The language institute happened to coincide with the annual Jazz festival, so on the last night new room mate Rosalinda and I hit the town and listened to some incredible bands while enjoying some of the local brews. Getting in at 2AM didn’t really help the six hour drive home go any faster the next day, but you only live once, no? The night before I left to go to the institute, some of you joined me for another intimate Café Flo evening. I met some fans that have enjoyed hearing me at the market for some time and made it out to the show as well as some old friends that I was delighted to see again. One friend brought along a wonderful photographer who took some great shots of the night. They really do capture the feel of the night. Here’s the link for you to check them out.


Henrique August 20, 2013 @09:41 pm
Well done to think of soemthing like that