Summer Seclusion

I suppose the fact that I have four shows on the books casts doubt on the theme of "seclusion", but I feel it. I'm participating in normal life including work, cooking, visiting my sister in Portland, biking, running, etc., and it feels good. Although the recording of my second album slowly takes shape, I'm fighting the urge to "make it happen" just to prove that I've got it together.

Friends and fans have commented on a new quality in my vocals that I think comes in part from my intentional detachment from public relations. I've known for a long time that there was some professional development needed in the area of vocals and guitar, and I think that's happening thanks to things like gospel choir, and paying attention to some sloppy elements of my guitar work and doing the time consuming clean-up practice.

Maybe my fans will get tired of waiting and forget about me. Maybe I'll lose momentum and inspiration. These are risks I have to take. I like the feeling of calm and confidence I'm developing by taking this time off frantic booking and traveling, and frankly, I don't want to do the same coffee shop tour I did two summers ago.

I've changed, and I want this next round of recording and publicity to reflect that. I invite you to wait with me for the quality CD that I'll be selling, and if you're curious about the content, come by for a show the next time Karen Joy Brown and the Bona Fides are playing. I think you'll like what you hear.


Dict August 20, 2013 @08:58 pm
Hey Randi, Great to hear from you and nice to know someone is lokiong after Simon!How I would love to have a few more people to have dinner with right now! Have you heard from Seb, I bet he is enjoying himself, Is it hard work? Hope you are enjoying the blog, I have been a bit lax lately but have worked out that it is better done than perfect so the std may drop but hopefully it can be a bit more regular.hasta LuegoKaren