Silence and Songwriting

Paulo Cohelho's novel The Alquimist tells the story of a young Spanish shepherd who leaves his flock in search of a treasure he saw in a dream. His search takes him on a physical and spiritual journey across the deserts of Egypt. While traveling across the desert, he learns to adapt and learn from the silence and vastness that surrounds him. Creativity and understanding require silence for life's experiences to develop and take shape. As a songwriter, I'm becoming more and more familiar with the feeling of thoughts and ideas stirring and kicking inside me. Although I perceive those signs of life, I'm also starting to sense when those ideas are ready to see the light of day. Here are some lyrics to a song that recently came to be through that process, but requires further practice to be able to pull off in a show. Wish Me Well I didn't want to be just another broken heart Never thought I would see my story on a statistics chart But tonight, I'm alone And tonight, I know you're at home I cannot imagine what you are feeling now and you can't even fathom, cannot understand how tonight, you could, turn down the heat in this hell if tonight, you would, just wish me well Now I'm spending my days work to pay the rent and spinning stories Up 'till three am smoking cigarettes, going from glory to glory Maybe tonight, another shooting star baby tonight, I'm going to see how far Yes, tonight, I'm going to live to tell tonight, the world is wishing us well Tonight, I wish you well


Darryl August 20, 2013 @09:22 pm
- What a cool party! I just can't believe how big your liltte girl has gotten! I see her liltte baby face everyday on my patterns so I forget how big she is. It goes too fast!