Signs of Life

Spring and I are in step as signs of new life and rain alternately set the daily stage. As the tulip tree flowers defy gray skies to announce something beautiful happening, I see the album taking shape. The final mastered CD is on it’s way in the mail waiting for my approval and subsequent sending off for duplication. The graphic design is in the last stages, licenses for Eleanor Rigby have been secured, and the songs titles are being processed for registration with ASCAP as we speak. Once again I’ll put my unperfected creative work in the world to be criticized, ignored, and enjoyed. Within that whirlwind I’m still substitute teaching and tutoring, booking and gigging, and writing new songs. I’ve had some great gig experiences this last month including an unplugged jam session with other musicians featured on First St.Café’s compilation CD, a cozy night at Chico’s new Café Coda, and a delightful discovery of another favorite on my list at Lodi’s Old Arch Brewing Company and Restaurant. I’ll be doing some more traveling in early March with two weekends in Benicia, back to Lodi, and then another Monday night at Café Coda on the 12th. The next one will be none other than the Fabulous Junkyard CD Release party back at Coda Friday the 30th! See you there…


David August 20, 2013 @03:05 pm
Excellent tips in today's show, Karen, about stress bseutrs. I really like that you suggest starting small and building up your time on stress busting techniques.