People with Ridiculous Expectations Club

Hi. My name is Karen, and I’m a lifelong member of People with Ridiculous Expectations Club, or PREC (read “prick”). One can always tell another member by the alternate surges of respect, irritation, and jealousy you feel upon meeting them. PREC members frequently spend their time wondering why things aren’t moving fast enough, why they can’t seem to do everything all at once, or survive and prosper in the midst of family and relational crisis. This grateful PREC member would like to take this opportunity to recognize the many events of the year that qualify me in this remarkable organization. This year the foundation of my life as I have known it has shifted and regrouped with all the cataclysmic glory one might expect from a 8 point earthquake in Mexico City. The friend group I have hung with for over a decade dissolved and reformed by means of divorce, soul searching and space giving, and some much needed growing up. Not to mention the losing of my lead guitar player and confidant Amos Clifford so I could focus on some personal issues. Don’t forget my fourteen year marriage being stripped down like a Mercedes in a dark L.A. alley followed by attempts at repair via counseling and some good old fashioned honesty. As the ground was shaking and the buildings crashed around my head I also managed to: - get my music on iTunes Karen Joy  Brown - do a week long summer bay area tour complete with a radio interview on KKUP - do a few shows with an old high school friend who’s also doing the singer-songwriter thing, - won the Wild Oak Record Spring Songwriting competition followed by a showcase performance at the Sierra Nevada Taproom - got picked to be on the News & Review’s Chico Area Music Compilation CD followed by a showcase performance on the Chico State campus - played at the Oak Grove farmers market - joined ASCAP as a composer/publisher - performed at Sacramento’s Fox and Goose open mic as a special guest - sang at at least six different Borders locations in Nor Cal - played at Chico’s first annual women songwriter’s Chillith Fair - got a song on First St.Café of Benica’s compilation CD featuring their regular performers for charity As you can see, I have truly distinguished myself as a PREC member, and I only hope that some of you readers are experiencing those aforementioned surges and can count yourself a member of our ever growing family.


Sachin August 20, 2013 @09:17 pm
Before making your chicoe remember who St. Louis has played so far. The Eagles and the Giants are arguably 2 of 5 best teams in the league. The Rams cannot be as bad as they have looked so far. Seattle lost to a Good Buffalo team on the road but lost to the 49ers in Seattle? I mean the 49ers!!!. Seattle's D is still good at rushing the passer but O'Sullivan threw for over 300 yds on them with worse receivers than St. Louis. The only reason I would take Seattle is because they are at home and dome teams usually don't play well outdoors.Hope this help, good luck.