Nominated for a Cammie!

"You like me, you really like me!" O.K., I promise not to make the Sally Fields acceptance speech. I probably won't be making any acceptance speech, but it is quite an honor to be recognized by the local music scene enough to generate a nomination. Chico's 1st Annual Cammies Awards started last year modeled after Sacramento's "Sammies". It's a mixture of public and industry voting where the local music industry nominates who they believe to be worthy characters, and the public gets to vote on their favorites. Once again my competitive hackles are raised, torn between the mindless desire to be number one, and some disgust at pitting artists against each other when each one offers quality work with their own flavor. I’ve already won in the sense that it’s a great batch of PR to get as I’m releasing my album. Also, it’s always helpful to have something else to enforce credibility on the resume. Voting starts April 3rd and goes on until the 25th, so I’ll post the information again when it gets closer so you and any random human cruising the website can put in a vote. Until then, here’s the link to see who else is on the ballot.


Hina August 20, 2013 @03:11 pm
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