News from the Road

Coffee Society 6/23 Friday- I’m starting to get a better idea of the occupational hazards I face. Quinton’s mechanical heroics in replacing a leaking water pump last minute put me on the road later than I intended. I found myself facing bay area traffic in 100+ heat in my not-so-cool ride sans air conditioning. However, I got to the Coffee Society on time and experienced the unexpected pleasure of Ozzy’s Iron Man in the background as I set up. The acoustics were great, and I think I gave some new listeners a good show. One down, four to go. Red Rock 6/24 Saturday- I was proud to navigate the bay area seas to land at Red Rock Coffee in time for the 7pm show. Word on the street was that my sister in law and some other friends were coming, but I made it through the first set before anyone I knew arrived. The room filled as the show went on, and I closed things up around 9:30 to varied comments like, “That was a short one.” I was puzzled until I investigated further to find that the website said 8pm, but my schedule said 7pm. Sh**. Blue Rock Shoot 6/25 Sunday, 10:45am- Found KKUP. Great promo interview with Laura Rinaldi. Thoughtful questions and sincere interest in my responses and the creative process. Played four songs, pitched the shows and my songs on iTunes. A fine connection and addition to the musical community I am discovering. 1:00pm- Arrive at Blue Rock Shoot. Set up equipment in the sweat lodge the place had become due to some unusual bay are heat. Played the first set to a small but appreciative audience. 3:00pm- Alesandra Valenzuela arrives. Hugs. Exclamations. Hearts that recognize one another. 3:05- Alesandra leads me on an improvised promotional stroll down the streets of Saratoga singing and harmonizing whatever comes in our heads. 3:08- We crash a restaurant hosting a graduation party for “Brittany”. Alesandra steals the show with inventive on-the-spot songwriting wishing the graduate well. I follow her lead and shake the maracas convincingly. 3:13- Cheering. Applause. Emphatic promises to come join us at Blue Rock as soon as the party ends. 3:15- I have more fun with Alesandra in 15 minutes than with some people I’ve know for 15 years. 4:15- I sit down and enjoy Alesandra’s wonderful performance. I’m impressed by her fun, funky style, and her engaging, lovely voice and guitar work. The audience laughs and sighs alternately caught in her story telling web. 6:00- Open mic jazz starts up making the place jump with some incredible piano, congas, and vocals. We do a few numbers and make new friends. 2:00am- Our group of old and new friends is stopped by three Saratoga cops as we walk back from escorting one of the gals home…….


Nurul August 20, 2013 @02:39 pm
Hi Elaini!Though I have not commented on your blog boefre, I just wanted to tell you that my prayers are with you! I've only been following your blog for about a week (actually, it was two or three days boefre your 100 days were up! ) but I am truly blessed by your story. May God continue to bless you, that you may bless others!Your fellow sister in Christ,Laura