Holiday Lull?

It's the time of year when shows start to slow down a bit due to the fact that Jingle Bells and Joy to the World aren’t high on my set list. I’m busy planning a week long spring tour, a three week summer tour, and of course, don’t forget about making the album come together! I’ll also be attending the FAR-West Conference (Folk Alliance Region) in Sacramento in a few weeks. The conference will hopefully help out with the former list items by connecting me with venues and other performers within my genre. Don’t despair, because I’ve got two shows to choose from this weekend. Saturday night brings the Chillith Fair to the Pageant Theater at 7pm. I’ll be playing a 20 minute set along with six other women singer/songwriters. Weather permitting on Sunday at 9am, I’ll be back at Bidwell Perk enjoying a mellow morning of coffee, newspapers, and music. See you there!


Pamela August 20, 2013 @05:12 pm
so Karen & Gia have flippin' anzaimg eyes. Love the brick background in these, especially that it's not uniform but kinda raw (if that makes sense). Great pics. (love the ones with Rome of course!)