Holiday Frickin' Cheer

Trying to write a look-at-all-I’ve-accomplished blog entry in the midst of some holiday melancholy makes things interesting. While it’s too true that I: 1.Recorded and released my first album, Fabulous Junkyard. 2.Got nominated for Best Acoustic/Folk act for Chico Area Music CAMMIE awards. 3.Received a special mention for my poem, “Let Love Fall” the News & Reviews first annual poetry contest. 4.Completed a round of touring with some delightful bands this summer and fall. 5.Played my first out of state show in Ashland. It’s also true that I: 1.Filed for divorce. 2.Moved out on my own for the first time in my adult life. 3.Tried dating for the first time since I was fifteen. 4.Felt the thrill and fear of supporting myself financially via substitute teaching and music gigs. 5.Faced the fact that I’m thirty-fucking-five years old and trying to build a career and a decent concept of a loving relationship from scratch. Well then. What’s next? Here’s what I’m thinking. I’m not the type of girl who can politely take a sip and then say, “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly. Goodness gracious, little old me?” So, now that I’ve taken the plunge I’m going to try to play with a little strategy, a bit of finesse rather than the blindfolded pinata swings I’m so darn good at. Don’t let looks deceive you when for the next six months I forsake a NoDoze tour/work schedule for a more subtle approach. I plan to: 1.Submit some of the best songs I already have recorded to song contests, TV, and film opportunities. 2.Go after getting my stuff on some more internet stations like Pandora. 3.Get my press kit together so I’m well prepared for the next round of summer/fall touring. 4.Work with other local musicians for possible band/ensemble shows, recording possibilities, and just for the joy of it. 5.Record a single I’m really proud of. 6.So much more…… Thanks to all who have supported me musically and personally this past year. I can only hope that this next one will bring a little less relational tragedy and more healing and hope than we know what to do with. In fact, I invite enough love and success to make us all feel downright uncomfortable.


Puck August 21, 2013 @01:39 am
Wow Karen how absolutely fabluous, I am A BIT jealous. You will be a palavering local before you know it and hopefully you'll pick up a bit of Tapas cooking on the side you might impress us with upon your return.Big love and the best time everElia xxx