High Noon

It’s high noon and I’m sitting at the desk typing while still in my robe and slippers. What does it mean? The deeper meaning can be discovered by the following facts: -There’s no school this week, so I can’t be “Super Substitute” traveling between classes while students yell, “That’s my favorite sub!” -I’m still recovering from my FAR-West conference where the sleep hour total was under 8 hours for the whole weekend. -My husband isn’t here and I get the house to myself! I spent yesterday going though all the business cards I accumulated during the networking madness and started to contact people and add them to my rather gaunt friend list on myspace. I had made notes like, “Talked to him at breakfast on Sunday,” and “Incredible musician and wine drinker.” I’m still a little bit high from all the fantastic music I heard and the kindness of everyone who took me in and shared their songwriting communities with a first time attendee. I’m still trying to figure out how to link all the great people I heard so you folks can check them out. I’ll probably create a link group just for FAR-West people on my site as soon as I get through the Thanksgiving gauntlet.


Oleg August 21, 2013 @02:02 am
Yeah, that's the tickte, sir or ma'am