Going Aggie

I'll be heading out for my first show in Davis on Friday, November 3rd. Luckily, Roadie M will be at my side transforming a lonely drive into girlfriend fun. I've only spent a few brief moments in Davis, some I'd like to forget from my psycho Christian days. Not that there's anything wrong with Christians, but let me say if you haven't been to a pentecostal youth rally you haven't really lived! This time the only spirit that will be moving is a little caffiene at Espresso Roma on E Street and that's plenty holy for me. So if anyone from Davis is out there, join me at 8pm!


Apacharasayakron August 20, 2013 @05:49 pm
You don't have to clean it out, but it would be a good idea. You might find something in there that you had lost. You might even find a paper in the car that has setnisive information such as a social security number on it.