Go Roadies, Go!

I’ve returned in one piece from the 1st Annual Girls Roadie Weekend. It’s going to be tough to top the experiences that rolled out like a royal red carpet for us all weekend long. We experienced delightful accommodations at Chez Hambleton (aka-Dude, we stayed at my mom’s.) followed by a packed house at Monsieur Beans. Fans, dogs, and family made for a lively audience that egged me on to some silly monologues I am wont to indulge in from time to time. I was pleased to meet a new fan who saw a flyer at the café, checked my website, and decided to attend because he liked what he heard. Isn’t that encouraging? We had a leisurely morning that included brunch at the classic south SJ site, Alexie’s Diner, and then slowly made our way to Benicia to check in at the Union Hotel replete with oversized digital clocks juxtaposed with antique armoires, and Jacuzzi tubs. Righteous. There’s a phenomenon performers talk about that ponders the mysterious connection between an audience’s level of anticipation and participation and how it affects a show. Saturday night’s show at First St. was the embodiment of the best case scenario of said mystery. From the first strum at 8pm to the final song at 11:30, the entire audience ate out of my hand and begged for more. The sound was great, the crowd was living it up with good wine and conversation, and I was on fire. A night like that doesn’t happen often, and I’m convinced it was the love and support of my dearest friends and sister combined with the always wonderful staff and patrons of First St. Café. It didn’t hurt that as I was playing “Look upon me with Love” I noticed a table of enthusiastic fans singing along! I found out that these ladies saw me a month before and had bought my CD. They were there expressly because they heard that I was coming. Love it. I’ll only mention a bit of the after party to keep the heat off of some anonymous participants. Basically, we added four people to our group who were at the show and we tripped the lights fantastic at Choices (lame name, great music) until closing where a kick a** soul band was playing. Later we strolled the waterfront until the wee hours of the night where apparently that is not the local custom according to some uniformed officers. Thanks to all who made it such a memorable weekend, and let us look forward to next year!


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