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Happy holidays, folks. I'm enjoying a glass of wine(or two) this Christmas Eve before I head down to the bay area for some family fun. Maybe it's the wine, but I'd like to give away my favorite song from my new album, Fabulous Junkyard, called "Thinking of You" at The holidays are a beautiful time that mysteriously make us feel wonderfully together and terribly lonely. This song embodies both musically and lyrically the tenderness and connection we all feel with those we love, and reminds us that even the act of thinking of one another links us in ways we can't fully understand. You'll be able to download "Thinking of You" for the next couple of days, and then the window of opportunity closes. After that, you'll have to visit iTunes at Merry Christmas, and remember that I'm thinking of you. Karen


Fernando August 20, 2013 @09:28 pm
You could call Liam "Mo," in honor of Maurice.One year I maxed out my calls to AAA (I didn't know there was a max until that time). I bought a new car shtrloy after that.Glad you're okay.