Fabulous Junkyard Friday

Friday marks the day I'll be celebrating my first full-length cd at Cafe Coda. I've got the dress, a date, but I'm still waiting on the CDs.... Even if you've got other plans for the evening, I'd love to have you stop by to say hello and pick up a CD hot off the press. I'll even sign it for you! So here are the only F words you need to know: Friday/Fabulous Junkyard/Fifteen dollars/Fun.


Himanshu August 20, 2013 @08:11 pm
This was before we met..but one night after the Big Hunt (fun bar in DC) I was asked to drive home. I didn't drive to the bar so I had no idea about the dreivr's side of the car. I pulled out my keys (mind you - chatting with my friend) and stepped towards the car (didn't bother looking down)... and actually stepped into the largest pothole ever. The pothole started at the beginning of the right dreivr's door. I cut my right toe so bad I needed stitches and I sprained my left ankle. It was a mess. I swear, I felt like filing a law suit against the city. amazing..