When you're broke, a few dollars make you feel loaded, and hunger makes the best sauce as the saying goes. The beginning of this year had me running around in teacher mode most of the time which left me feeling a bit musically bereft. So, this weekend really felt like money in the bank. Friday night filled me up with some jazz/rock/fusion bliss by local kick-ass trio Bright Size. Saturday unexpectedly whisked me off to the High Sierra Music festival where I was blown away by powerhouse singer/guitar goddess Carolyn Wonderland, old school bluegrass king Del McCoury, and the creepy funkiness of Les Claypool from Primus. As if all of that weren't enough, I had to haul myself out of bed on Sunday morning to bring my own music to the Spiritual Enrichment Center here in Chico. I was hoping just to perform my couple of songs with as much soul as one can expect before noon without coffee and was kindly surprised by the turn of events. My songs met with thunderous applause and even a standing ovation at the second service! People enthusiastically expressed their delight, bought cds, and demanded to know where I would be playing next. What a privilege to be part of the give and take of the spiritual/carnal riches of music.