Emotional Pornography

As usual, I get on board with trends about five or ten years after they become popular. I therefore faithfully report that I’ll be starting up a daily blog that will be posted on both myspace and the KJB website. The inspiration arrives via various channels, one of which includes my musical endeavors. The music industry had changed, and it’s no longer a question of being discovered by a label, but about directly reaching and cultivating fans. I want a place for those fans to connect where there will always be some new tidbit awaiting. Another reason involves a phrase, “An unexamined life isn’t a life worth living,” that I heard somewhere and has stuck with me. I find myself at a very strange point in life where I’ll admit that I’m lonely, damn it. My songbird’s mind is always musing about something and I need a place to put my thoughts other than their mad orbit inside my mind. Some say that loneliness is the result of purposeful or unintended estrangement from friends. Many of the wise have declared it the basic human condition. I think it’s most likely both, but no matter the reason, it’s a common painful experience that can be slightly soothed by knowing someone else understands. Some of the stuff in this blog may not be appropriate for those without the taste for such emotional pornography. Those people would rather keep that kind of intimacy and exposure behind a closed door and most certainly not mentioned at the dinner table. Anyone who’s listened to my music, or spent five minutes with me ought to understand that I’m not in that camp. Today is the first installment, and I’m delighted and honored to share my naked attempts at living a mindful, free, and passionate life where I say and do what I mean, and reap all the wonderful benefits and consequences of my risks.


Javier August 20, 2013 @01:29 pm
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