Buen Viaje

If you’re keeping up with KJB news, you’ve already heard rumors of my eminent departure to a foreign country. The most common response I hear when I lay out my plans is, “Of course you‘re going to Spain for a year! That makes perfect sense.” It is an equally abrupt and thoroughly predictable move. It would be an understatement to describe the past several years of my personal life as tumultuous, and music has had me drive all over California to show after show. I’ve made a concerted effort to stay put since January in an attempt to get my affairs in order, as well as some clarity on the next step. This evaluation process has revealed some realities that are unpleasant to face, but I am determined to make decisions based on things as they are rather than how I wish them to be. Truth be told, my eighteen year (I’m not kidding) residency in Chico that started as a grand adventure involving college, marriage, teaching, and finally music is like a glass of rich, complex, ruby-red wine that I have drunk down to the last drop. The bottle is empty, the buzz is fading, and it’s time to go to bed. There’s a lawyer joke that goes something like, “What do you call a hundred lawyers on the bottom of the ocean?- A damn good start.” What’s happening for me and so many of my friends is exactly that- a damn good start. I’ve got girlfriends getting married, adopting babies, and creating beautiful, dignified lives after divorce. I sense the need to create something new for myself with the basic ingredients that I know inspire me. Even more, to surround myself with those things in abundance. More low-riding than white-knuckling every aspect of my life. If you’re reading this blog, you know that no matter what I’m doing, music and writing will be a part of it. I would be delighted to keep in contact with all of you friends and fans while I’m overseas via blog, email, photos, etc. Dialogue that springs from these mediums has continually encouraged, inspired, and challenged me and I’ve come to rely on it. Please keep coming back, and wish me a buen viaje.


Haha August 20, 2013 @10:01 pm
If time is money you've made me a wetalhier woman.