Singer songwriter David Wilcox has a touching, ironic song called “Start at the ending” that suggests that approaching relationships and life from the ending makes so much more sense. The breakup would be over with so we wouldn’t worry about that, and you’d get a gold watch the first day of work. I’ve been reading a book that has me making goal lists starting from a base palette of life/dream goals, to ten year goals, to five, two, and one. The idea is that by starting with dream goals for life and work you get the big picture, and from there you write down where you want to be in ten years so you know what small decisions will help you arrive. It really does make sense, and by the time I got to writing down the five year, two, and one I started to see how the small steps I’m taking actually bring me closer to my destination. The Saturday, September 9th Café Flo show fits because one of my ten year goals is that I want to become somewhat of a Chico legend. There. I said it. I’ve only been playing in town the last 4-5years, and I want to eventually be a familiar, respected part of the Chico music scene which takes time. Each time I play a farmers market, Café Flo, I’m working toward that goal. The Friday, September 15th show at Common Grounds also supports that goal by being recognized by my local media, Chico News& Review. I need hometown fans and media behind me wholeheartedly in order to go out and achieve my other ten year goals which you can read more about by checking back to this KJB news site……..


Jenn August 21, 2013 @12:43 am
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