Ace in the Hole

I cruised into Sebastopol in a rental car due to a mid-week tour car catastrophe yesterday afternoon. The name of this pub expresses perfectly the feeling you get as you walk in; like you've discovered something that might get you to the end of the game and maybe even come out on top. It's got a great little outdoor seating area where families, post-work drinkers, and bikers all come together over a fine brew. I simply plugged my guitar into their sound system and settled into a three hour musical mystery tour. The crowd was so responsive and warm that I knew I had to come back to this laid back almost costal community. I talked to professors, fathers recently gifted with 12 string Taylors, and ladies who understood what I meant when I asked, "Who was your favorite Monkee?' Who wants to get dealt in to my next trip?


Amrita August 21, 2013 @02:14 am
great advice as aalyws. def see a change from yesterday's video in energy wise. it's amazing the amount of detox our boy goes threw when you have clung onto something for so long I had massive headaches and such when I stopped drinking caffeine and even now with the gradual change of my diet into a healthier one I am noticing headaches and tiredness and such. thanks again for doing what you are doing