A Sense of Place

Since I broke free of the ever loving tractor beam pull of Chico, I have been discovering the romance of a new place. Granted, getting to know Sonoma County is more like taking a lover in Italy while on summer vacation rather than a conversation with a nice looking guy in line at the post office. The initial encounter is overwhelming enough, but it just gets better the more time you spend.

In the world of music gigs, the enchantment continues. So far we've played about five different places, each with its own charm.

First, the Gypsy Café:

We went to see Dave's friend play some gypsy jazz at this Sebastopol restaurant in the fall, and he encouraged us to talk to the owners about playing. From the first show we were hooked by the attentive, generous listeners and the wonderful dinners at the end of the night. I am so grateful to have a regular place to play that feels so comfortable and friendly. It's been a long time dream to find a "home room" gig like this, and I'm so grateful.

Then, Hopmonk Tavern:

There are three Hopmonk locations, and so far we've played at the one in Sonoma on a lovely patio, and also in Sebasotpol on an unusually hot day. Once again, even in a pub environment we enjoyed interested listeners. These are great places to develop a fan base in the area.

The icing on the cake has to be the Bluewater Bistro in Bodega Bay.

"Goodbye my beautiful ocean" was written about this very area about ten years ago after renting a beach house in the neighborhood of this restaurant. The little crowd here loved the back story about the song and seemed almost as touched as I was as I sang watching the waves below.

Dave and I have been including Tom Petty's song, "Angel Dream" into our longer sets, and the line, "I found an angel, I found my place. I can only thank God it was not too late" comes to mind. Many places feel like home as I get older; my best friend's living room, standing behind a microphone, and now I'm pleased to include Sonoma County on the list.


Marlen August 20, 2013 @10:24 pm
OMG Ally, he is adorable!!!! I hope life as a new Mum is tretaing you well and you are managing to get sleep LOLCan't wait to meet him and see you guys when you are in NZ!Keep enjoying!Stacexo
Stacy July 08, 2013 @10:19 pm
Beautiful karen. Oh how I miss my coffee artistic chats with you. Hanging out. Being real. A part of my heart will always find a home hearing from you....or better yet being able to contemplate life over an americano (or latte) wherever you are. Keep pursuing your dreams...the world has yet to truly discover the gifts in you. Love you so. :)