Karen Joy Brown

When We Finally Get to Paris

Karen Joy Brown
Karen Joy Brown


When we finally get to Paris we'll have a lot to say

we'll look like two lost lovers, faces close at some café

I'll take your hand in my hand, look deeply in your eyes

you won't even have to say it, won't have to tell me why


When we finally get to Paris we'll have left so much behind

if we only have one moment we won't even seem to mind

we'll walk beside the river, let it wash away the years

we'll be laughing, we'll be crying, faces glowing with the tears


Don't forget to dream of Paris where your heart and hope can breathe

where the rules and the restrictions aren't the reason you believe


When we finally get to Paris you can say my name out loud

you can even say you loved me, you once loved me, without breaking any vow