Karen Joy Brown

Deep Blue

Karen Joy Brown
David Michael Silva


Finally said no, finally said go

Finally washed my hands of any faith that I had left

I am seeing double as I embrace this full moon

And I am causing trouble, just like you

Even though you’ve vanished your just a short walk away

Have you ever felt so foolish like I do today?


Walking up a deep blue finds me and I’m frozen at your front door

Suddenly feeling boxed in by this frightened notion of just how long it’s been

Since our last hello


And my dreams betray me, this apathy’s not real

All the muscles in my body yearn for thicker skin

Cause I have been too gentle, and you are too kind

And I followed this so carefully that it was bound to drop

You have been to Paris, and I have been to Vegas

Now I’m driving further from all this and that’s not going to change



Pictures in my wallet, seashells on the dash

Cigarettes and old movies, I guess there’s more to miss

I probably should be jealous of all the smiles in this room

But I find my peace in corners just like you

Should I try to make it better so these Sundays don’t feel this long

Is there reason to step forward for just another failed conversation